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BPA Free Dentistry

BPA Free Dentistry

BPA Free Dentist in Raleigh

BPA Free dentistry is a relatively new concept; and a concept that we at Russo Dentistry are proud to offer at our Raleigh, NC dental office.

It’s likely that you are aware of the dangers and toxicity of mercury in dental fillings. These dangers are why our dentist, Dr. Russo, advises that patients have their mercury amalgam fillings phased out and replaced with new either tooth colored fillings, or biocompatible porcelain crowns. What the general public is not overtly aware of is that tooth colored fillings often contain BPA, short for Bis-phenol A, a controversial and known endocrine disruptor.

Only the Best Dental Materials

Dr. Russo is proud to have a cosmetic and health based dental practice that is entirely BPA free; and is very strict in only using dental materials from the best manufacturers such as 3M, and Kerr Dental.  

When selecting Russo Dentistry as your dental practice, rest assured that the dental materials and bonding agents being used in your mouth are certified BPA free. In addition, Dr. Russo only uses American made dental laboratories for crowns and veneers. At Russo Dentistry, you can be confident that you are receiving the best, healthiest, most biocompatible dental materials on the market today.

It’s likely you may not find these quality products if you seek treatment an in-network, low cost insurance dental practice. You will be given options within materials that work with their low cost business structure. In addition, outsourcing is common at low cost dental practices as a result of it’s cost savings, but the composition and quality of the dental materials is typically unknown. Alternatively, at Russo Dentistry, you can feel confident that you will receive the best dental materials and superior dental care in the area.

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