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Choosing the Right Dental Practice

Choosing the Right Dental Practice

A Better Healthcare Philosophy 

Raleigh’s top rated cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Russo built the Russo Dentistry dental practice on the philosophy that he has no desire to take a patient’s hard-earned money by doing the wrong thing.

Dr. Russo’s main goal is to always treat people like he’d want to be treated, and the truth is, sometimes a “temporary fix” or a “cheap fix” is just that. You should think twice about choosing a dentist based on cost alone.

Think about it this way – if you have a loved one who is going in for heart surgery – would you opt for just a patch job because it is cheaper? Of course not! You’d want to permanently fix the issue!

Dr. Russo encounters this same logic almost every day of his life in some form or fashion. You use your teeth EVERY DAY and – on average – at least 3 times a day to eat. We believe that your teeth are worth the investment.

Cheap Dental Treatment is Costly Later

In dentistry, you can easily pay the price for a temporary fix or cheaper treatment., but the truth is… when you get a $300 or $400 filling, it will not hold up long term; and you are ultimately looking at a more costly and invasive next treatment. Cheap dental treatments often lead to procedures such as root canals, when the initial problem could have been fixed with a porcelain crown. In terms of cost, this could end up costing you upwards of $1500 more than had the tooth been fixed properly in the first place!  

At our top rated Raleigh general and cosmetic dental practice, Dr. Russo promises to provide options on treatments, but as a guarantee to his patients, will always recommend the highest quality, longest lasting treatment option for your mouth and your overall health and wellness. We encourage you to think about these things when searching for your next dental practice!

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