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Why Select a Top-Rated Dentist?

Why Select a Top-Rated Dentist?

How To Know You’re Getting Top Service

There are a lot of reasons why patients select their dental provider. There can be cost, convenience, distance from home, distance from work, and insurance provider. But let’s look at the logic in these choices. Would you rather select a dentist that may be cheaper by using inferior materials, or cut steps if that meant your dental work would not last as long and require more invasive next treatments? We’d probably guess not. Would you get dental treatment from someone more convenient from your home or work if it meant the treatment performed by a doctor with less skill, experience, or training? Probably not. Would you choose a doctor that will provide the shortest-lasting band-aid type fixes because you have a network insurance plan if you knew that it would lead to more painful, expensive, and invasive treatments down the road? Probably not.

By selecting a top-rated Raleigh dentist like Dr. Justin Russo, you can be sure that you are obtaining dental treatment from someone who has the skill, experience, and training to think critically and perform complex and efficient dental procedures. Dental procedures should not need to be repeated very often at all; it could be 20+ years before dental work needs to be redone. Please think about this next time you are considering choosing a dental provider. Dr. Russo has spent years building a track record of excellence and can be found as a top-rated dentist in Raleigh on Google and Facebook.