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Dental Sealants in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh’s own cosmetic dentist Dr. Justin Russo believes that daily brushing and flossing are important in maintaining healthy teeth.

Most back teeth – your molars and premolars – have deep grooves. These are the stubborn teeth that no matter how many times you brush, your toothbrush’s bristles just can’t get deep enough into the grooves to remove food debris. Over time, these teeth will decay, and most likely require dental fillings, root canals, or crowns.

Thankfully, we live in an era where dental cavities and decay can be prevented with proper oral hygiene and sealants.

What are sealants?

A sealant is “painted” onto the tooth’s enamel, where it bonds directly to the ridges and grooves of the chewing surface of the tooth, essentially sealing off these grooves.

Not only do dental sealants help protect your teeth from plaque, decay, and cavities, they can make your teeth easier to clean, too. Dental sealants are tooth-colored and are placed quickly and painlessly in one visit!

How long do sealants last?

Sealants typically last up to five years, though some adults still have their childhood sealants intact. During your regular dental exam and cleaning, Raleigh dentist Dr. Justin Russo will check the condition of your sealants and let you know if any need to be reapplied.

Am I qualified for sealants?

Sealants have been historically used in children and adolescents, mainly because most dental benefit plans pay to seal their molars. However, adults in Raleigh can benefit from sealants, too. Would you rather seal off a groove to prevent decay, or wait for decay to form until getting (a more invasive and costly) treatment? Dr. Russo believes that the path to total dental wellness requires prevention of disease as well as early treatment to prevent more serious problems.


Sealants for adults are not always covered by dental insurance. To help reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with cosmetic dental procedures, we offer two in-house dental membership plans and financing through CareCredit and Lending Club. Our friendly and highly-trained staff will be able to assist you with selecting the best plan for your dental needs.

Don’t wait for a problem to occur, seek prevention today!

Dr. Russo believes that preventive dentistry is the best kind of dentistry! Call today for a same-day evaluation and treatment with Dr. Russo at his Raleigh office.

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