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Quick Smile Enhancements

Quick Smile Enhancements

Not every cosmetic smile enhancement needs to be a big investment!

Not every patient needs, nor is a candidate, for porcelain veneers.  For some patients only minor touch-ups are required for a big impact in one’s overall smile appearance.  At Russo Dentistry, Dr. Russo typically offers these patients three quick smile enhancements to improve their smiles in as little as one visit.  

Our most popular quick smile enhancements are:

Cosmetic Enamel Sculpting:  

This procedure is performed typically without anesthetic (numbing) to even out small chips, bumps (mammelons), or unevenness in patients teeth.  The goal of this treatments is to aesthetically improve the appearance, and symmetry of patient’s natural teeth.  Note that this procedure can NOT alter size, shape, color, or spacing in teeth.  


Laser gum contouring:  

This procedure is performed to reduce minor unevenness in patients gums to provide an aesthetic, symmetrical appearance of patients’ gums. This procedure can help reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile” while also serving as an intermediate, alternative approach to cosmetic crown lengthening, where bone is re-sculpted under the gums.  This procedure is typically performed in one visit with local anesthetic (numbing).  Patients report minimal discomfort and can return to normal activities immediately!


In office power bleaching:  

Teeth are porous and sometimes the food and drinks that patients consume cause discoloration over time. This procedure is designed to clear out internal stain from teeth.  This procedure works best on patients with tan or brown staining to their teeth.  Bleaching grey stains, commonly known as having a “grey tooth”, is oftentimes unsuccessful. This grey color tooth stain is often the result of tetracylcine (an antibiotic ingested while teeth were being formed) and can only be improved by porcelain veneers.  Every bleaching procedure is evaluated and advised by Dr. Russo for the most effective way to treat.  Dr. Russo also has special toothpastes in stock his his Raleigh cosmetic dental practice that can be used for external tooth staining.


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