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Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

What is the cost of a smile enhancement?

What does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Often times Dr. Russo or staff get asked for price quotes on cosmetic smile makeovers and/or smile enhancements. The simple answer is, the cost of a smile enhancement truly depends on several factors.

A few factors that directly affect the cost of a smile enhancement:

  • Are there large fillings with decay, or nerve involvement requiring treatment of chronic infection prior to enhancement?
  • What is the amount of teeth that show when you smile – do you show more upper or lower teeth. Do you have a gummy smile?

As with every situation, each patient is unique when it comes to calculating the cost of a smile enhancement. There are certain compromises that can be made and these compromises are thoroughly explained in each cosmetic consultation.  

In every case, Dr. Russo stresses to patients that smiles greatly differ. No one dental patient is the same. Some patients require extensive dental work prior to their smile enhancement and those issues need to be properly addressed.

THE BOTTOM LINE: following the initial consultation, once your smile is precisely designed and crafted through Dr. Russo’s cutting edge smile design technique, it is possible to determine exactly what teeth need to be enhanced to achieve an optimal result and the cost associated with your unique smile design. These results will ultimately give you a beautiful smile which will balance the face and can improve one’s overall health and appearance –  a truly priceless outcome!

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