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Press On Veneers

Press On Veneers

Consult Your Dentist About The Risk

We often get asked at Russo Dentistry: what is a press-on veneer, also known as “Lumineers”, or “no-prep veneers”? In addition to “would we recommend press-on veneers”?

Press-on veneers are often times a cheap or inexpensive alternative to veneers. In many cases, they are seen as a good option for people that want veneers but are looking to spend little money. They are often referred to as having a “chicklet” look and are extremely bulky in appearance.  

Dr. Russo’s advice re: press-on veneers or a less expensive option: DON’T. DO. IT!

Occasionally a patient will come into the office with another quote or know someone who can get veneers for a low price. While this may seem like a good option at the time, discount dental pricing typically means discount products or services and will ultimately affect your end result. This could cause more harm and more expense down the road.

Here’s what your ‘discount’ cosmetic dentist won’t tell you about press-on veneers…

A proper veneers case needs to:

  1. Be designed effectively from the beginning by analyzing your facial features and subtle nuances. It’s likely this step is being eliminated to save on time and pricing.
  2. Temporaries need to be fabricated to the exact specifications of the smile design.
  3. Artistic adjustments need to be made to the temporary veneers to characterize and individualize your teeth. This is key!

Pro tip: Permanents not only need to be made to the exact specifications of the temporary veneers, but care must be considered to the underlying tooth structure in order to recognize color differentials. These differentials can properly be addressed in creating the permanent veneers to achieve the desired tooth shade. This is why so many people wind up with “chicklet” looking veneers that are one size fits all for everyone.

Porcelain veneers should look like real teeth. They should blend from your gums and not have a huge ledge where you can see something glued on your teeth. They should also address the in-between surface of your teeth. If you are having a conversation at an angle, you should never see the separation from your natural tooth.  

Ultimately Dr. Russo and the Russo Dentistry staff want you to be educated on veneer selection.  There are a lot of nuances into creating a perfect smile that if not accounted for can lead to a disappointment.  It takes VISION, ART, SKILL, and an EXCEPTIONAL cosmetic dental ceramist who makes the veneers to work as a team to get YOU a perfect smile! If your dentist is not explaining these steps to you… it may be time to look elsewhere.

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