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5 Ways to Prepare for a Root Canal Procedure

5 Ways to Prepare for a Root Canal Procedure So, you need a root canal. Before you even start to prepare for the procedure, remember to not panic! Root canals are simple, straightforward, and performed with minimal discomfort when carried out by an experienced endodontist. At Russo Dentistry, all our smile experts are well-versed in… Read More

The Case for Tooth-Colored, Composite Fillings

Aesthetically, choosing a tooth-colored filling for cavities or damaged teeth makes sense. This option is perfectly molded, colored, and adhered to your tooth for the most natural look available. For many, this is reason enough! But beyond the look and feel advantages of tooth-colored, composite fillings, there are many reasons to avoid the metal alternative. … Read More

3 Questions to Ask at Every Dental Visit

As with any specialized professional, you should be able to count on your dentist for transparency, expertise, and understanding. If you’re not leaving every visit with a clear understanding of your treatment plan, or if your dentist doesn’t know your smile goals, you’ve got a problem! Luckily, this is a problem that’s easily solved with… Read More

5 Reasons 2021 is the Right Time to Achieve Your Best Smile Ever

5 Reasons 2021 is the Right Time to Achieve Your Best Smile Ever Planning for the New Year often means resolving to make lasting changes that will improve your daily life. You’ll focus on ways to improve your health, finances, and outlook—so why not try something just for you that potentially ticks all those boxes… Read More

5 Ways to Refresh Your Dental Care Routine

The new year is always an excellent time to set the foundations for lasting change. Specifically, regarding your personal healthcare routine, 2021 may be the ideal setting for major improvement. This past year, many of us experienced significant daily routine interruptions—sometimes in the form of overly regimented at-home schedules! To keep it all together, we… Read More

Don’t Put it Off! Why It’s Never Worth It to Skip Regular Dentist Visits

Thinking of putting off your next dental checkup? Maybe you’re extra busy, just moved to a new place or changed your information, or simply forgot. You may have even assumed you don’t need to go to the dentist unless you’re experiencing discomfort—or maybe you are experiencing discomfort and are too anxious to find out why!… Read More

Endodontics FAQ’s: The Truth About Root Canals

“Root canal” might be one of the most feared combination of words in all of dental care, but is it as scary as it sounds? The short answer: no! When performed by a skilled, experienced Endodontist, a root canal can be quick and virtually painless—and save you a lot of pain down the line, too!… Read More

How to Improve Oral Health and Overall Health—at the Same Time!

While you may have been told (more than once!) that oral health impacts overall health, many still don’t understand the extent of this relationship. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to long-term health concerns including heart disease, respiratory health, and even neurological disorders. Contrarily, those who practice a healthy lifestyle are able to maintain proper… Read More

Why Oral Hygiene Matters During COVID-19

Could there be a link between oral hygiene and the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infections? Abstract On 30 January 2020, the World Health Organisation identified COVID-19, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, to be a global emergency. The risk factors already identified for developing complications from a COVID-19 infection are age, gender and comorbidities such as diabetes,… Read More

6 Benefits of a Modern Dental Office

A modern approach to dental care is proven to offer clients customized, full-service solutions. But what is modern dentistry, and why does it matter? Many dental professionals are still thinking of dentistry as a product rather than a service, charging clients for a less-than-thorough approach. Some providers may also serve clients with a lack of… Read More