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Monthly Archives: January 2018

All dentistry is the same…. NOT!

All dentists are not created equal, so how to you go about finding the best dentist for you? At my Raleigh, NC Dental Practice I commonly hear things like: I switched from my dentist because you’re closer to my house. I decided that I could save a couple bucks so I’m looking for a new… Read More

So You Want a Flossy Smile?

Every dental appointment comes with a cleaning and advice from your dentist. The flossing tips from a dentist are one of the most common pieces of advice given. But here’s the truth about flossing: You only need to floss the ones you want to keep. The truth: flossing matters All jokes aside, flossing is important…. Read More

Do I have enough teeth for an aesthetic smile?

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and you have an existing denture or are missing a significant amount of teeth, you are not alone. At our general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Raleigh, NC, we come across this patient concern often. You may be thinking: “why would I need to go see a… Read More

Why Not Have a Perfect Smile?

True story: I was sitting in a Raleigh restaurant grabbing a bite to eat the other day and I noticed there was a long line of people waiting to check out. I couldn’t help but notice that almost everyone in line was wearing stylish clothing – Burberry scarves, Louis Vuitton purses – and their hair… Read More

Achieving A Fabulous Smile

Have you ever wished your smile was more symmetrical, healthier or brighter? More inviting? More youthful? There is a solution. Raleigh’s cosmetic dentist creates a better smile you can be proud to display. What exactly is it that makes a smile pretty, youthful, inviting, and seductive? Here’s the secret: it has to do with balancing… Read More