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Do I have enough teeth for an aesthetic smile?

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and you have an existing denture or are missing a significant amount of teeth, you are not alone. At our general and cosmetic dentistry practice in Raleigh, NC, we come across this patient concern often.

You may be thinking: “why would I need to go see a cosmetic dentist who specializes in aesthetic dentistry?” or “Isn’t a prerequisite for a youthful, vibrant, smile at least a mouthful of existing teeth?”; and these are fair questions.

My answer: Yes, and no.

If you are missing teeth and still desire cosmetic dental procedures, such as a smile lift to enhance your facial structure, you could be a fantastic candidate for an aesthetic porcelain fixed bridge that is permanently affixed in your mouth with dental implants. This simple solution can ultimately make you look and feel years younger.

Technological advances in cosmetic and general dentistry are amazing; and we utilize these technological advances here at Russo DDS Raleigh. With this advancements, there are new cutting edge procedures that can get you from a failing mouth to permanently losing a denture as soon as your day of surgery. How does that sound?!

This procedure is a reality. You should become accustomed to having a dentist that is not only educating you, but inspiring you to consider these positively life altering procedures and those like them. You deserve to know your options!


Justin Russo, DDS
Russo DDS Raleigh
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