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Confident Smile

Confident Smile

At Russo Dentistry, we want you to have a youthful, vibrant and confident smile!

In fact, a beautiful, healthy smile is a hallmark of our Raleigh cosmetic and general dental practice.

Dr. Russo believes that a confident smile can have a huge impact on your life and career.  Think about it: A smile can brighten up a stranger’s day or it can be provocative to the opposite sex. It gives an insight into not only your dental history, but to your soul.

Teeth that are worn down or cracked, typically means that a patient is a Type A personality that is under a lot of stress or has been at some point in the past.

If a patient is missing several teeth, or if Dr. Russo comes across dental work that looks like it was done poorly, he sees a tremendous amount of opportunity to not only optimize your overall health but to refresh your overall outlook on life.

How can you change your confidence or what your smile says about you, you might ask?

Through the cosmetic smile design process, or even through our quick dental enhancements, subtle changes such as:

  1. Flattening out the edges of some of your teeth, can don you a sophisticated look; or
  2. Gently rounding some of the sharp corners of your teeth, can provide you a youthful and very feminine look.

In all cosmetic dental treatments, Dr. Russo’s goal is to  provide symmetry in your smile, and by doing so, you can project beauty and confidence.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and imagined what a fresh smile would look like? If so, give us a call!

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