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Immediate Implant Supported Bridge

Immediate Implant Supported Bridge

Our Revolutionary Procedure: Immediate Implant Supported Bridge

If you’re currently suffering from failing or missing teeth, or have an existing full denture or partial denture, trust your aesthetic smile rehabilitation to award winning and top-rated Raleigh dentist, Dr. Justin Russo. Along with North Carolina’s expert bone grafting and implant specialist, Dr. Russo is transforming smiles, one patient at a time.  

As Raleigh’s award-winning and top-rated cosmetic dentist, Dr. Justin Russo applies his signature smile design technique to patients that suffer from multiple missing teeth, and/or an existing full denture or partial denture. The results deliver an aesthetic, healthy smile that not only restores chewing function and improves quality of life, but also makes you look years younger, in most cases.  

Understanding Our Revolutionary Process

Dr. Russo, Raleigh’s cosmetic dentist of choice, uses a cutting-edge precision technique giving patients their smile back in a day. This is a procedure sequence in which a highly aesthetic, implant-supported, fixed bridge is fabricated first through digital design. Once digitally designed, your new highly aesthetic smile is then translated to a 3D scan of your jawbone.

By using a 3D scan of your jawbone, coupled with digital intra-oral scans of your existing dentition, Dr. Russo is able to determine the ideal height of your bite. This data is translated into a truly digitally planned new smile. A precise surgical guide is then created, allowing the highly-skilled oral surgery team to conservatively prepare the jaw-bone and insert between four and six dental implants in your dental arch — better known as your upper or lower teeth.  

Surgery on both arches can be performed as well.  By using this patented and precise surgical guide, implant surgery can be performed with an accuracy within millimeters to ensure proper bone contours and gum spacing is achieved. In almost all cases, the implants are loaded — that is a fixed bridge that connects with four to six dental implants — then inserted at the time of surgery.

Once inserted, you are able to walk out with an aesthetic smile that does not go in and out each day. Final healing continues for approximately four to six months, and then a new and final implant-supported bridge is fabricated by Dr. Justin Russo using the latest aesthetic dentistry techniques.  

This revolutionary protocol ensures that you will received an aesthetic, functional, and healthy smile with minimal in-office appointments. Raleigh cosmetic dentist Dr. Justin Russo, and his board-certified expert bone grafting and implant specialist oral surgeon, look forward to restoring your smile.


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