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Insurance Policy

Dental benefit plans help reduce the out-of-pocket costs of dental care. At Russo Dentistry’s top-rated dental practice, we have highly experienced financial professionals that can help you understand maximizing your dental benefit plan. Not all dental insurance is good, or bad. A dental benefit plan is usually a fixed dollar amount that can provide help with the cost of your dental treatment.

Dental Benefit Plan vs. Medical Insurance

However, dental benefit plans are nothing like medical insurance, and perform more along the lines of a vision care plan. There are many limitations and always out-of-pocket expenses. Every dental insurance plan is different. Within the same insurance company, benefits may differ depending upon the contract that your employer negotiates with that particular carrier on an employee’s behalf. It is important for you to understand your specific dental insurance policy and its limitations.

At Russo Dentistry, , Raleigh’s top-rated dental practice, we accept ALL major dental insurance plans.

We are committed to being patient friendly and for your convenience, we’re also happy to file all insurance claims and handle reimbursement payments for you to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

We will do our best to provide you with estimates of your dental coverage, however, you are ultimately responsible for the cost of treatment you receive.

Please call our Raleigh dental office at (919) 890-5147 for more details.

Don’t have dental insurance?

Check out our affordable in-office dental membership plans.

Justin Russo, DDS at Russo Dentistry does not participate in health management organizations (HMOs), Medicaid, or Medicare.