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Cheap Dental Alternatives

Cheap Dental Alternatives

Consult A Top Rated Dentist First

There are many times when you may need to find a cheaper alternative in life. Budget constraints, priorities, etc. While in some cases this makes sense – dress shopping, car shopping, dinner selection – Dr. Russo wants you to know that you should always think twice before choosing a cheap or inexpensive medical or dental procedure.  

Why? Let’s face it. Doctors and dentists ultimately need to stay in business. You need to realize this when considering cost only in regards to your health care.

Specifically, in dentistry, high-quality biocompatible materials and world-class dental laboratories cost more than cheaper alternatives. This is the nature of the business world we live in. So, if you’re paying less for a product, service or dental procedure, it’s highly likely you’re receiving a cheap alternative or lesser quality product; or receiving product from a dental lab that outsources their work to China.

We see this being the case in patient’s past dental work quite often, actually. Dr. Russo typically removes at least a dozen crowns a week from patients that were treated with an unknown metal alloy that causes the gums to become inflamed leading to chronic infection. Or he sees quick and cheap “one-visit” crowns being made by dentists which ultimately will need to constantly be replaced because they are not glazed or finished properly. It’s all in the technique and process!

The question we always ask our patients at Russo Dentistry is:

“Why would you want to permanently attach, bond, or insert an inferior product in the lower third of your face – something that everyone first sees – your first impression?”

They sell dental products on popular sites like Amazon, and Ebay, but what exactly are you getting?

In addition to questioning the source or material being used in cheaper services, you need to consider the longevity of these materials. Would you rather get a dental procedure done 3 times in 10 years or only once?

Dr. Russo urges patients to think through these things when considering cost as a major factor in your dental treatment. In almost all cases, there are ways to find payment options that get you quality dental work that you can be happy with AND that fits within your monthly budget.

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