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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Clenching and Grinding Teeth

  Clenching and Grinding Teeth… More Common Than Cavities? Did you know? Teeth clenching and grinding is technically referred to as bruxism; and if done at night is called nocturnal bruxism.   Most people assume dental cavities are the most prevalent problem at the dentist and while they are a common problem, tooth clenching and… Read More

Nothing Seems To Work?

  Tried whitening your teeth before, but nothing seems to work?   For many of our new patients at Russo DDS Raleigh, the mention of teeth whitening is a sore subject because they’ve tried everything marketed for tooth whitening and they get no results.   They’ve tried over-the-counter whitening strips, peroxide, baking soda, in-office power bleaching,… Read More

You CAN have both!

  There is no choice between a healthy smile or a beautiful smile. You CAN have both! At our Raleigh, NC cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry practice, it’s common to hear patients say that they want to get “healthy first” and then “look good”… as if these events must occur separately or at some point in… Read More

The Different Types of Whiter Teeth

  The Different Types of Whiter Teeth If “whiter teeth” is something you’ve always dreamed about, you are not alone. At Russo DDS Raleigh, our focus on aesthetic dentistry lends itself to patients who want healthier, brighter smiles; and we regularly hear patients say they want a whiter smile. There are different ways to achieve… Read More