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You CAN have both!

There is no choice between a healthy smile or a beautiful smile. You CAN have both!

At our Raleigh, NC cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry practice, it’s common to hear patients say they want to get “healthy first” and then “look good.” But that phrases assumes these events must occur separately, or at some point in the future.

Have a healthy smile and a beautiful smile at the same time

The reality is that having a smile that looks good and one that is healthy are treatments that do not need to occur separately. My advice to my patients is to not settle for average or a second rate treatment. Everyday, during each patient appointment, it is my goal to educate people by taking a comprehensive approach to one’s dental treatment plan. You should know, it is very easy to achieve a smile that is both healthy and looks good. I do it every day at my practice, Russo DDS Raleigh.

The truth is that most patients have been going to the same dentist for years and they’ve only been treating one tooth at a time. As a result of this common practice, people think that the only way to look better is to treat one tooth at a time for years only to work towards a goal of just looking better, not healthier – or vice versa. Imagine how crazy that sounds when you have 28+ teeth in your mouth!

At Russo DDS, all of our smile enhancements not only address years of dental issues in one to two visits, but our porcelain veneers and aesthetic dentistry treatments help patients to not only achieve a healthy smile, but a vibrant, youthful and beautifully natural smile.  

Smile enhancements are permanent and if cared for properly after treatment can last patients 15 to 20 years. Ask yourself: would you consider porcelain veneers if you could look younger and more beautiful permanently? That’s what I thought!

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Justin Russo, DDS