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All dentistry is the same…. NOT!

All dentists are not created equal, so how to you go about finding the best dentist for you?

At my Raleigh, NC Dental Practice I commonly hear things like:

  • I switched from my dentist because you’re closer to my house.
  • I decided that I could save a couple bucks so I’m looking for a new dentist in Raleigh.
  • You all have the same degree.
  • I’m only getting general dentistry done, no big deal there.
  • He/she has cosmetic on their business card, so they can do the same things.

Let me educate you. You could not be more wrong if you’re thinking this way. Dentistry is not the same, whether it is routine general dentistry or (especially!) cosmetic dentistry. Finding the best dentist requires more than a quick search to see which office is closes to you. More than proximity, you need to have a level of trust between you and your health care provider. There isn’t a coupon or a promotion that can make up for that.

Are you asking the right questions?

Getting a dental procedure even as simple as a filling can have an impact on your life. For example, with a filling, you have to be sure that your dentist has the ability to remove all they decay from your tooth. Here’s an example of what I mean:

  • Does your dentist use a total-etch or a self-etch method to fill your tooth? A total-etch requires an extra step and gets you a better bond.
  • Does your dentist apply a hydrating agent or desensitizer to prevent troublesome tooth sensitivity after your filling which is optional?
  • Does your dentist fill your tooth all at once, or does he fill in layers and increments to reduce shrinkage and failure?
  • How is your filling finished?
  • Does your dentist overfill and remove excess to make sure your filling is completely set, or does he/she underfill your teeth and leave an unfinished layer on top?

As you can see from a procedure as simple as a dental filling there can be a level of variability in the procedure that can dramatically change your end result.

The degree to be a dentist is Doctor of Dental SURGERY.

Would you go to just any surgeon, or would you prefer a GREAT one? Finding the best dentist in your area may take time, but it will certainly be time well spent.

Getting general or cosmetic dental work is not like getting a haircut. It will not grow back! As always, my goal is to enlighten and educate you on your dental healthcare choices so that you’re well equipped to make the right decision for you.

Justin Russo, DDS
Russo DDS Raleigh
Wake County’s Top Rated I Award Winning General & Cosmetic Dentist
Voted BEST DENTIST by WRAL, Midtown Magazine and INDYWeek
Voted BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE by Midtown Magazine