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Test Drive Your Smile

Test Drive Your Smile

Try on your smile before you buy it!

We test drive cars before we buy them.

Why not test drive a new smile?

Using facial photography, and digital X-rays. Raleigh cosmetic dentist Dr. Justin Russo can create a custom designed temporary smile for you to try on your teeth. There are no shots. There is no drilling. There are no commitments. Dr. Russo and the Russo Smile Design team use this technique as the ultimate patient educational tool prior to considering a smile enhancement.

It is a common dilemma in dentistry…you may be unwilling to move forward with certain restoration work right away because you are unsure of the outcome.

Will you look that much better?

Will the change be dramatic enough to warrant the cost?

Will your new smile look artificial, or will it look like it belongs naturally?

By allowing you to see what your new smiles will look like, Test Drive Your Smile can have a profound impact on your satisfaction level.

We can correct a variety of dental problems:

  • Lengthen teeth
  • Correct Rotated Teeth
  • Correct Cross-bites
  • Align Arch
  • Correct Tooth Proportions

Before and After

Before and After

cosmetic dentist raleighcosmetic dentist raleigh

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