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3 Things To Ask Yourself about Your Dentist

best dentist raleighWhen it comes to dentistry, there are many questions you should ask yourself before selecting a practice – or making the decision to switch. Many times new patients come to my practice after suffering from subpar dental work completed by low-cost dentists in the area. Low prices may seem great at the time, but ask yourself these three things before making any decisions:

First, ask yourself:

  1. Is your dentist listening to your concerns?
  2. Does he/she treat you like a person instead of a mouth?

I have seen so many instances where patients complain that they left their old practice because their dentist kept ignoring their concerns, failing to answer their questions and bulldozing them into treatments the dentist wanted to do. This isn’t right and, it isn’t fair. If you’re familiar with these tactics, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Second, ask yourself:

  1. Does your dentist go over the pros and cons of any treatment recommended?
  2. Does he/she go over exactly why you need a filling, a crown, etc.?

Over the year, our profession has not done a very good job of educating patients on exactly what dental decay and gum disease are and how they manifest…. let alone any options for dental solutions or realistic cosmetic dental treatments.

In my Raleigh dental office, it is very important for us to show patients what things look like in their mouth, firsthand. It’s why at Russo DDS Raleigh, we use intra-oral photos, digital x-rays, dental impressions and test-drive your smile cosmetic try-ons. I want everyone to know the pros and cons of accepting and/or rejecting dental treatments. It’s your right as a patient and my duty as your dentist.

Third, ask yourself:

  1. Is your dentist transparent with your results?
  2. Does he/she show you pictures of the decay removed from your teeth?

Unfortunately, one of the most common things I see in new, suffering patients is insufficient decay removal from teeth. So many patients will get dental work done, often times driven by seeking a low-cost dental practice, and there will inevitably be issues with the outcome. In these cases, after attempting to ‘remove’ the problem area on the tooth, there was dental decay still left in the teeth under fillings or crowns. This practice will cause major problems in the long run. Always ask to see what’s going on during your dental visit. As a courtesy to my patients, I take photos of everything; and it’s well known that total transparency is a hallmark of my practice

Hopefully, this helps to educate you on just a few of the things to consider when evaluating your dentist’s performance. If you’re in the Raleigh, Cary or Durham areas and want to give me a try, I will be happy to help.

Keep smiling,

Justin Russo, DDS