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It’s Okay to Indulge!

dentist office raleigh“I just want to live a little and have fun!”

It’s a common phrase I often hear from people that have unhealthy habits for their lifestyle and their teeth, and I’ve come to realize that the reality of the situation is that these kinds of habits are most likely going to continue.

Hey, I get it. I like coffee. “Like” is probably not the right word… I love coffee. Starbucks coffee to be exact. I know it may not be the right thing for my teeth, but the odds are strong that I’m not gonna quit. I have patients that like to drink soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, coffee with sugar, sweet tea, hot tea, cold tea, beer, wine, whiskey… you name it, I’ve seen it! I have heard it all.

My advice? Relax. It’s OK to indulge.

Shocker: It’s okay to indulge in these things from time to time, but it’s best to consume at least a glass of water directly afterward. Water will help combat the acidity of these beverages and will help prevent teeth staining!

Same with sweets. I know you’re staring at that box of chocolates you got for Valentine’s Day! Try to pair your sweets with meals and follow with water. Where I see the most dental problems is in the frequency of sugar consumption, not sugar consumption altogether. So the next time you are craving your sweet or beverage of choice, just relax; and follow it up with some water afterward. Your dentist will thank you!

Keep smiling,

Justin Russo, DDS