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Seeing is Believing

I’ve learned even in 2017, dentistry may be a mystery for most people; and that’s sad.

That said, I get it! It was a mystery to me growing up in rural western Pennsylvania. I can still remember the wood paneling on every square footage in our family’s dental office run by a gruff local dentist and an unfriendly dental assistant. The ‘best’ part? I remember that my dentist:

  • Never wore gloves
  • Never wore a mask
  • Used to smoke cigarettes, which left a nice odor in the office!

I also used to think cavities were magic.

I would go to the dentist and I either had cavities or I didn’t. When I did, I never saw them; and I was certainly never educated on how to prevent them.

Almost worse than no hygiene measures… my childhood dentist almost never used anesthetic.

I remember these experiences so vividly; and how/why I dreaded the dentist. Today, surprisingly, I have new patients share similar stories of their past dental experiences.

I swore when I got into practice that things would be different for my patients. Under my leadership, our dental office would operate different, look different, smell different; and that we would conduct our office in the most professional and educational manner possible. It’s why today, most of my time with new patients is spent taking intra-oral pictures, digital x-rays and truly educating them on their dental condition.

I vowed to never leave patients not knowing their current dental condition and, most importantly, not being able to see what the actual problem is and/or it’s required treatment. It’s why we’re dedicated to completing regular OSHA training and exceed the recommended requirements to provide a clean, safe place to receive the most aesthetic quality dental treatment available in the Triangle area.

Most importantly we provide adequate anesthetic and test for comfort to provide the most pain-free dental experience in Raleigh.

Try us out! I’m confident we can exceed your expectations!

Keep smiling,

Justin Russo, DDS