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You Get What You Pay For

dental emergency raleigh“I want the cheapest dental fix possible!”

“…But the dentist up the road said…”

I’ve lost track of the times in my career I have heard patients say just this! And while the comments vary each time, it begs the question: Are cosmetic dentist’s worth the investment?

I built my dental practice on the philosophy that I have no desire to take a patient’s hard-earned money by doing the wrong thing. I always treat people like I’d want to be treated, and the truth is, sometimes a “quick fix” or a “cheap fix” is just that.

Reality check: Would you want your loved one who is going in for heart surgery to opt for just a patch job because it is cheaper?

Of course not! You’d want to permanently fix the issue!

Even so, I run into this same logic almost every day of my life in some form or fashion. You use your teeth EVERY DAY of your life and – on average – at least 3 times a day to eat.

They are worth the investment!

In dentistry, you can easily pay the price for a quick fix treatment. But the truth is… when you get a $300 or $400 filling that will not hold up long term, you are ultimately looking at a more costly and invasive next treatment (that often leads to needing a root canal!) in addition to what could have been the initial fix of a porcelain crown (totaling as much as $2500!)

The next time you’re at the dentist, have a heart-to-heart with your provider to see exactly what the life expectancy is of their proposed treatment. You may be surprised with the answer.

Having a great smile is worth it, trust me!

Keep smiling,

Justin Russo, DDS