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Cosmetic Dentistry Vs. Aesthetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentist raleighEvery Raleigh, NC dentist seems to classify themselves as either a “cosmetic” or “family” dentist, yet Aesthetic Dentistry specialists are few and far between. Do you know the difference between Cosmetic and Aesthetic dentistry? If not, don’t worry, you are actually in the majority.

Aesthetic Dentistry specialists seek to replicate natural beauty with their expertise in dental skills and artistry. It’s the ‘dental zone’ I live in day in and day out. Whether I’m performing a smile makeover with porcelain veneers, laser gum sculpting or tooth-colored fillings, I am seeking to make your teeth look natural or naturally enhanced, staying within the limits of what can appear naturally. This distinction is imperative in the dental world.

Cosmetic Dentistry, on the other hand, is to seek an enhancement that is beyond what can occur in nature. There are not “bleach shade” porcelain veneers in nature, so if you want teeth as white as paper (which MANY patients want), you are seeking a cosmetic solution because the desired white color is beyond what occurs in nature.

I always try to advise patients toward natural beauty. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but I believe that you can still get a phenomenal result by naturally enhancing your smile.

Understanding the differences between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, means it’s time to make your move. Are you ready to see what your best smile can look like? Are you ready to partner with a qualified, cosmetic dentist who is focused on getting you the results you desire?

Keep Smiling,

Justin Russo, DDS