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The Dental Technology Revolution is Here to Stay

Being a practicing dentist in the 21st century has its advantages.  We have experienced an abundance of dental technology and material advances that are just mind-boggling.  The technology used by cosmetic dentists today is radically changing our industry and how approach oral care. The most impactful change has been the ability to perform quality same-day dentistry. And that ability has come from the use of CAD/CAM technology.

What is CAD/CAM? 

CAD/CAM represents computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing.  For years, CAD/CAM technology was outsourced to dental labs. We are now able to design and manufacture in the same clinic where the treatment is being performed, thanks to groundbreaking technology and software. And in almost all cases, it happens within just one visit!

The use of technology in dentistry does not make a bad dentist a good dentist. The tools help, but it is up to the dentist to ensure success. Each tool is subject to the fundamentals of aesthetics, tooth preparation, soft-tissue management and how the bite affects the procedure being performed.  

At my top-rated Raleigh, NC dental practice, I always strive to provide the most beautiful, effective, efficient dental treatments for my patients and embracing the technological advancements were paramount to providing my treatments. My advice to you, the patient, is next time you are at the dentist you need to evaluate the technology used by cosmetic dentists. Ask questions and determine whether or not your provider is a leader, or a laggard in the technology category.  And if not, you may want to keep looking…

Justin Russo, DDS

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