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Why do I need a dental crown anyways?

I hear time and time again in my top-rated Raleigh, NC aesthetic dental practice: “Doc, why can’t you just refill it?” That question most often pertains to a tooth that has a large 3 or 4 surface filling that either, has decay, or fracturing in the tooth supporting the fillings.  

My response is: “I can definitely refill your tooth, however, the problem and pain will always be there every time you want to chew on the the tooth.”

The best alternative: permanent dental crown

The short of it is, natural teeth are made to take a beating! A filling by nature is to be supported by a significant amount of tooth structure. If there is compromise in the structure supporting the filling, that’s where the problem lies. You will not achieve the results you want by placing a larger filling with less tooth structure to support it. 

I have had this conversation thousands of times with patients in my Raleigh, NC dental practice. Those conversations make me think it has to do with the dreaded temporary crown that has a reputation of falling off over the weekend. The fear, pain, anxiety, and frustrations over missing work or disruptions in life are the root of these quick decisions. But it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to new dental technologies. 

Through the use of advanced technology and CAD/CAM dental technology at Russo Dentistry in Raleigh, NC, you can choose the appropriate treatment for long-term tooth health with options to have your permanent dental crown procedure completed in as little as an hour of total treatment time without the fear of wearing a dreaded temporary dental crown.  Yes, for real!

Interested in learning more about the same-day crown procedure? Start by choosing a dentist highly trained in this new, amazing technology. Selecting the right dentist for this procedure breakthroughs will provide you with the care you deserve. 

Justin Russo, DDS

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