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Say NO to temporary crowns!

What comes to mind when you hear the words temporary crown? I’d like to think I was wrong, but I assume anxiety immediately starts to set in. 

  • Visions of relatives and friends with that dark gum line begin to surface.
  • You remember the stories of people on vacation who had a temporary crown that kept falling off.
  • You hear the word crown and you immediately equate it to pain. 

As a cosmetic dentist, I have heard it all (and more).  Many patients enter my cosmetic and general dental practice with fear because of crown horror stories.

These stories are a thing of the past, for my patients at least!

In my practice we put dental technology to work. With computer aided design, manufacturing technology and advanced software, we design, produce, and artistically shape and characterize your porcelain dental crowns, dental on-lays, and veneers.  At my dental practice, I personally handle all aspects of the procedure. That level of attention guarantees patients the most accurate aesthetic dental restorations possible. You won’t find that level of care anywhere else in Raleigh.

If that doesn’t impress you, let’s get down to the scientific basics of why you are better off skipping the temporary dental crowns.

First, temporary crowns have on average of 200-300 microns of gapping between where the temporary meets your tooth structure. In dentistry this is a significantly wide gap. And this gap size is considering a properly fitted temporary crown, which isn’t always the case. By having such a wide gap between your recently worked-on tooth and your oral environment you are more likely to experience pain. That pain can lead to a pulpits, better known as a toothache. Those aches will eventually require a root canal therapy, in addition to your dental crown.  By completing your treatment in one visit with our dental technology, your tooth is permanently sealed. The value, besides time saved, is that you minimize the chances of ever needing root canal therapy.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, by eliminating “a third party” i.e. the dental lab that fabricates your dental crowns, you eliminate the risk of communication breakdown. This means you avoid the risk of having someone that doesn’t work with you very often (or at all) adjusting your models on which crowns are made on, thereby eliminating opportunities for inaccuracies in the results.   

The next time your dentist tells you that you need a temporary crown, don’t believe the hype. You now know there are amazing options made possible with dental technology to make your procedure quick, effective, and pain-free!