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Say YES to dental crown alternatives!

I’ll be honest – earlier in my career there were fewer options to fix teeth. For general dentistry fillings, you got either a silver-mercury tooth filling or a resin plastic composite tooth filling. And, if a filling wasn’t an appropriate treatment option – whether it be a dental financing reason or dental insurance reason, you got a gold, porcelain fused to metal substructure, or porcelain crown.

That was it: A limited dental lineup 

As we know know, most of those options are undesirable for obvious reasons. Who actually wants a toxic black colored mercury filling? I can say for certainty, not one patient in my cosmetic focused top-rated Raleigh dental practice has ever requested a mercury dental filling.  Do you really want plastic fillings? But, as mentioned, up until recently those were our only options.

The good news for patients seeking these dental treatments today? In the past years and even recently, there have been dental material advancements where we can replace decayed areas of teeth and/or previous silver-mercury, or resin plastic composite fillings, with conservative porcelain and porcelain hybrid fillings and onlays. These are partial crowns which bond a tooth together and protect an at-risk part of the tooth while preserving healthy tooth structure, a win-win!

The best part? New options last longer and look better

The options available today last on average of three to five times longer, and look significantly better. The next time your dentist gives you the resin plastic composite filling or the crown option, make sure you ask for alternative treatments and know that they exist. At Russo Dentistry in Raleigh, NC we have amazing CAD/CAM dental technologies and advanced software to deliver these everyday treatments in as little as one visit in around an hour!

Justin Russo, DDS

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