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Selecting the right dentist

Not all dentist are created equal.

That might come as a shock, but it’s a fact, which makes selecting the right dentist a challenge for many. While we all begin our career as dentists with the same education and training, the way we practice and approach dental health can differ.

So, how do you identify the dentist that’s right for you? You’ve got to move beyond surface-level credentials. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself during your next visit. The answers you get will tell you whether you are in the right place, or if it’s time to find someone new.

Do I have a treatment plan that’s accessible and easy to understand?

Honest and transparent communication should be a non-negotiable. It’s important that your dental health provider is straightforward with you about your dental health, giving you the chance to evaluate the pros and cons of suggested treatment options. This kind of transparency allows you to make an informed decision about your treatment that rights for you.

Have I been informed of the type of products used for my dental procedures?

It’s easy to not be informed about what’s happening in your mouth. At a dental appointment you have no other option but to trust your provider implicitly, because you are unable to see what’s actually happening. But not being being able to see the procedure shouldn’t stop you from being informed.

Your provider should be not only tell you the kind of treatment you need, but the kind of products that will be used for that treatment. The products matter because they will be placed in your mouth permanently. So find out and ask the questions about the quality of products being used. Here’s a helpful hint: Avoid any practice that gives you the option to have silver-mercury fillings. Why? Because metal dental work shouldn’t be take root in your mouth — there are better options available.

Is my provider focused on short-term or long-term plans for my dental health?

That might be a hard one to understand, but it’s easier to understand when you think about what separates short and long term dental health strategies. Short-term strategies hing on quick fixes, low-cost options and reactionary procedures. A provider focused on long-term strategies, evaluates cost in relation to total body wellness.

That means understanding that a low-cost option today, may only be a temporary fix — tomorrow you may need a much more serious and costly treatment plan that could have been prevented. With a long-term view in mind, there’s no band-aid or temporary hold in place. You’ll have the confidence that your dental health is being cared for in the right way.