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Dental commercials: Should you believe the hype?

You’ve seen the commercials — the ones that remind you of the diligent dental regiment you need for great, long lasting teeth.

But do those recommendations actually work? It’s time to stop believing the hype and get to know the truth about the priorities you need to have when it comes to your dental health.

Watch the clock and brush for two

You’ve likely heard the two-minute mandate for brushing your teeth since early childhood. If you think about your mouth being divided into four quadrants, well that’s 30-seconds of cleaning for each quadrant. That is certainly enough time for proper brushing.

There is nothing wrong with operating from the two-minute method, but more than the amount of time you spend brushing, you really should be evaluating the tools you are using as you brush.

Electronic toothbrushes are most effective for thorough cleaning, and we’ve got some of the best to choose from. The nice part about our electronic toothbrushes, is that they come with the option to have new brush heads mailed to your home at either a one, two or three-month interval.

If you aren’t replacing the brush heads of your electronic toothbrushes, or replacing your standard brushes frequently, it’s time to make a shift. The quality of your brush determines how well you will actually clean your teeth. I’d prefer to see you use a great tool than wait out the clock with an old brush.

The power of whitening toothpastes

The reason whitening toothpastes work is because the product itself is more abrasive. As you brush a whitening paste over your teeth, the adhesiveness polishes the stains off your teeth — eventually making the teeth appear whiter.

Whitening toothpastes work, but they don’t work for everyone, and the come with a bit of caution that you likely aren’t hearing from media advertisements. Overtime, aggressively brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste can wear away at the enamel of your teeth, so brush with caution.

But then there are times when the whitening paste or whitening strips don’t work at all. In most scenarios, that’s because you’ve already aged your teeth to the point that the enamel has become extremely thin. The thinner your enamel becomes the more your teeth begin have a yellow or orange tent.

That discoloration, known in dentistry as dentin, cannot be fixed by a toothpaste. It requires an in-office treatment from a cosmetic dentist who can properly restore the health of your teeth and give you the smile you long for.

More sugar equals more cavities

There is no denying the fact that sugar increases your chances of cavities — it’s certainly not good for you teeth. But you can still have great, white teeth while enjoying your favorite sugar-filled indulgences.

The best way to protect your teeth against sugar is by consuming moderate amounts high-sugar foods, and then rinsing your mouth with water once you’ve finished eating.

You also have to realize that not all sugar is created equal. Honestly, you are better off eating your favorite dessert after dinner than you are sipping sodas or coffee sweetened with sugar. That may sound like a harsh reality for the coffee fanatics but it’s the reality. It’s better to have here-and-there sugar indulgences, than frequently consume sugar-based drinks throughout the day.

No pain, no problem

Waiting for pain is the worst strategy you can take toward your dental health.

Your teeth won’t talk to you until the bitter end. At that point, it doesn’t feel much like talking, as the high levels of pain can feel debilitating, and are clear signs of an infection. Waiting for physical pain to cue your next dental appointment is a recipe for disaster. Those who wait, often are faced with the reality of needing a extensive treatments, such as a root canal or tooth extraction.

Don’t wait for the pain to start. These procedures can be avoided by regular dental exams. All you have to do is make the appointment, I’ll take care of the rest.

Now what? Give yourself a quick pulse check:

  1. When is the last time you replaced your toothbrush?
  2. Is it time to try out an electronic brush?
  3. Is your whitening toothpaste working or should you make an appointment to evaluate the enamel of your teeth?
  4. How much sugar are you consuming each day and where could you cut back?

Call us. We are here to help. It’s so much easier to maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime, with a dentist who is on your side and working proactively to care for your overall health. Let’s get an appointment on the books and talk!