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The facts about before and after images in cosmetic dentistry

Before and after images in cosmetic dentistry are imperative. The images are more than photos; they demonstrate the results, the potential and the impact of great dental work. But for those who don’t spend their days staring at a person’s teeth, the shock-and-awe factor of before and after images in cosmetic dentistry can be highly misleading.

Many dental providers publicize their before and after images for good reason — it’s a great promotional asset. Yet, while patients may see great work, providers like myself can often see the errors of poor cosmetic dental procedures. So, what’s the most common smile makeover error? It comes down to the actual shape of the teeth themselves. 

The one-size-fits-all approach is the worst approach that can be taken when it comes to your teeth. Each smile should be uniquely customized to the exact facial features and dimensions of an individual. With that perspective, no two smiles could ever be designed the same. Without that perspective, well, every person walks in for a smile makeover and walks out with the exact same smile as the person before them.

Feel confident that your smile is fit for you and not everyone else

  1. Partner with a cosmetic dentist who willingly spotlights their before and after images without ever being asked. Cosmetic dentists who create wildly impressive, natural smile results, instinctually create galleries of images to be shared publicly. Great work should be on display; it shouldn’t be hidden because the results are average at best.
  2. Talk to your dentist about the ceramicist responsible for designing your teeth. To get the smile you deserve, you’ll need a ceramicist who understands the major — and minor — differences between the shape of a male and female smile. Those who don’t will create reflect the natural smile of woman. The best ceramicist work alongside cosmetic dentists to perform the procedure, shaping and contouring each tooth for the perfect smile.

Over the years, I’ve performed thousands of smile makeovers for patients in both the local and national markets. Each smile design integrates the individual elements of a patient’s facial structure. Each smile delivers aesthetic results that offer an enhanced version of a patient’s natural smile. 

You too can have that same kind of makeover. I’m in the business of emotional, life-changing dentistry and I believe you deserve those same results. See how we’ve transformed the smiles of countless patients by exploring our before and after images in cosmetic dentistry. Then give us a call to begin the process of transformation for yourself.

Tight on time, or not located in Raleigh? Not to worry. We offer virtual consultants and digital smile mock-ups that allow you to get a glimpse into your smile results without every coming into the office.