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What’s Progressive Dentistry? Dr Russo’s Approach

Russo Dentistry in Raleigh serves clients with a modern, progressive approach to dental care. This applies to every aspect of what we do—from communication, to routine care, to cosmetic dentistry and beyond.

But what exactly does, “progressive” mean in the context of your oral healthcare?

A progressive dentist is simply a professional who believes in thorough, proactive measures to ensure the optimal health of your teeth. This doesn’t mean recommending invasive, aggressive, or unnecessary procedures, though. Rather, progressive dentistry is about transparency: communicating and treating the first signs of a problem rather than waiting for it to escalate.

Below are some features of progressive dentistry that help you regain control over your oral health—and support your overall health, too, as only a progressive dentist can.

A Custom Treatment Plan

Progressive dentists understand the importance of basing treatment on a client’s unique needs. That also means changing the course of treatment as necessary, as well as working toward individual goals. Every situation is unique, so dental professionals should take care to identify the best path forward in the office and with routine maintenance at home. A custom treatment plan then leaves room for improvement, while an old school, uniform approach to dentistry leaves significant gaps in care.


The Big Picture

A progressive dental plan involves taking your overall health into consideration, too. Due to the inarguable link between poor oral health and disease, it becomes even more important to address dental issues as they come (or, ideally, before they happen!). Our dentists take this seriously, and always remain mindful of next steps. For example, by the time your tooth hurts, you may know to expect a filling at first, then a crown, root canal, or bone graft down the line. Progressive dentistry plans for these future steps while incorporating the most efficient solution throughout—so you’re never left with incomplete or inefficient work that may lead to more painful procedures in the future.



Similarly, progressive dentists want you to spend as little time in the dental chair as possible. That’s why they’ll make every attempt to prevent invasive procedures with thorough routine care. Even if you do have to undergo a more advanced procedure like a root canal or graft, these professionals can help you achieve normalcy with regular visits spent inspecting your entire mouth—not just the recently treated area.



Perhaps most importantly, progressive dental care depends on transparency. At Russo Dentistry, we take care to ensure you know exactly what to expect in regard to the routine care, current state of health, future needs, and specialty or cosmetic treatment of your teeth. We’ll also listen carefully to your financial and practical needs to customize a treatment and service plan that works for you. And if you still have questions? Just give us a call!

Progressive dentistry means taking the worry, hassle, and surprise out of dental care—no matter your situation. Ask yourself if your dental practice demonstrates all these qualities, and if they don’t, consider that it may be time to find a new one.