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4 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable to Proper Dental Care

Consistency is key when it comes to the daily care, improvement, and treatment of your smile. As with any form of self-care, proper oral hygiene requires the right combination of daily and professional treatment to maintain good form. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of your dental care with a well-defined routine.

Unaddressed small problems can always turn into bigger ones—in dentistry and in life! Follow these 5 tips to make 2020 the year of your best, care-free smile:

  • Reevaluate your Nightly Routine

We do so much in a day that we’re often prone to “burning out” in the evenings. That means we’re either inattentive to our nightly care routines, shortening them, or skipping them entirely.

Try reordering brushing and flossing to work with your nighttime and sleep schedules. For most, all it takes is a slightly earlier mealtime. For others, it may be easier to simply move dental and skincare to immediately after dinner. Either way, the goal is to make sure you’re not too tired to brush for the recommended two full minutes, so you can go to bed on time with all tasks completed.

  • Make a Plan to Avoid Rushing

Of course, you might as well consider your morning routine while reevaluating your nightly one! When we’re just waking up, time can easily get away from us. Therefore, to avoid rushing through dental care, you can make sure you’re allotting the time it deserves.

Do this just by reordering your morning routine so that brushing your teeth is not the very last thing you do. Waking up with enough time to complete all your morning tasks helps you make time for brushing while eating first and brushing second ensures you’re making dental care a priority.

  • Keep Contact with your Dentist

Your routine dental visits can help set the tone for daily, at-home care. They provide a roadmap for the rest of the year by identifying your unique oral health needs. No one understands your current smile like your dentist, and they can help you plan for the future, too!

Russo Dentistry in Raleigh, NC offers easy, one-click appointment requests and virtual consultations. We’re dedicated to helping you get into the office quickly and easily—and we’ll take it from there with full-service dental care! Get started today.

  • Put it on the Calendar!

It may seem obvious, but the simple act of setting a date is the surest way to keep you accountable. Plus, writing or typing a reminder helps commit it to memory, so you’re sure to think of it again in enough time to make an appointment.

Incorporate your #smilegoals into your 2020 resolutions, and let Russo Dentistry, daily routine, and oral health help you achieve them all!