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Best Foods to Maintain a Bright Smile

Any dental professional will tell you to avoid excessive candy, sugary drinks, and citrus fruits to protect your enamel. You may have also heard that certain breads and pasta can lead to tooth decay. We know what not to eat and drink, but did you know certain foods can maintain or even improve good oral health?

Beyond daily dental care, you can preserve your Russo Dentistry teeth cleaning by eating the right foods. All it takes is nutritional know-how and proper meal planning to keep your smile happy and healthy.

Consider incorporating these foods into your diet for optimal oral health. Plus, learn how they can support your general health and fitness goals!

High-calcium foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese

The calcium and casein in these dairy foods help protect tooth enamel and neutralize some acids produced by bacterial plaque. Dairy-free? Certain canned proteins like salmon and beans are also rich in calcium!

Bonus: In addition to bone health, calcium helps support lean muscle.

Leafy, mineral-rich greens like broccoli and lettuces

Folic acid found in leafy greens has been proven to improve overall gum and teeth health. Plus, their texture helps ensure sticky starches like pasta don’t stay embedded in your teeth to cause decay.

Bonus: Leafy greens are low in carbohydrates and full of vitamins and minerals!

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain plenty of calcium, too, but they’re also rich in phosphorous. These two properties then work together to protect your enamel throughout your smile.

Bonus: Nuts and seeds—including almonds, flaxseed, and chia—regulate body weight by helping you burn energy.

Apples and other crunchy fruits

Crunchy fruits like apples, pears, and apricots aid in scrubbing away plaque from teeth between brushing. Plus, they’re an easy, portable snack for those on the go!

Bonus: Apples contain prebiotic effects that may promote gut health.


Full of protein, vitamin D, and calcium (yes—you are seeing a pattern here!), eggs contribute to bone health of all kinds. This combination of minerals is key as calcium promotes bone health while vitamin D aids your body in absorbing it.

Bonus: Egg protein helps you build muscle as well as provides an inexpensive alternative to fattier meats.

 Water, water, water!

Nothing maintains a clean, healthy, and white smile like an 8oz glass of fluoride-infused water. Be sure to incorporate at least 6 of these into your daily routine to rinse your teeth and gums as you hydrate your body from the inside out.

Bonus: Adequate water intake is essential to overall health, of course, and is also guaranteed to keep you energized and active.

Remember, no food or drink alone can maintain oral health. Be sure you’re flossing once a day and brushing at least twice daily to clean all the day’s food from your teeth—because even healthy foods can build up and cause tooth decay!

Start with a clean slate provided by the dental professionals at Russo Dentistry in Raleigh today, then discover the difference eating right will make by your next appointment!