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Practicing At-Home Oral Health Care

While Americans spend more time at home, it’s important now more than ever to maintain proper oral health technique. Working from home can quickly disrupt your daily routine—causing you to overlook or rush through personal grooming. Overtime (and not as much time as you’d think!), these little shortcuts can result in big, costly changes for your teeth.

Dr. Russo dentistry in Raleigh is here to help you achieve optimal oral health both at home and in the office. Whether your remote work conditions are temporary or you’re a full-time teleworker, these tips will help you stay on track between professional dental care visits.


Turn Recommended Guidelines into Rules

  • Along with most general healthcare guidelines, you can easily access and follow recommended dental health practices. The challenge, though, comes from implementing these into a daily regimen. Especially at home, we often revise and shorten the time spent brushing, flossing, and eating the right foods based on our needs of the day.
  • To avoid this, be sure to count your brushing time each day. Timing yourself ensures you’re cleaning your teeth completely while doing it each day means you’re not just doing what “feels like” long enough. Be sure to track your flossing schedule, too, and brush for the full two minutes morning and night.


Prioritize Dental Care in Your Grooming Routine

  • While living in the same place you work, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between work time and personal time—especially in the morning! It’s natural to spend less time grooming during these times when working from home, but make sure your priorities are in order. Teeth and gum health should be top of the list, so start with brushing when you begin your routine. That way, the most important things are already taken care of even if you don’t finish your full grooming regimen.


Pay Extra Attention to Gum Health

  • As we all know, healthy gums contribute significantly to overall oral health. That’s why you should practice gum care throughout your workday in addition to daily flossing. Take care of your gums by staying hydrated, eating clean foods <link to food blog>, and rinsing out your mouth (just water works!) after meals and snacks.
  • Additionally, consider using an electric toothbrush for a better chance of a deep clean. Replace your brush every 3 months for the best results.


Don’t Forget Regular Dental Visits!

  • The more time you spend at home, the more likely you may be to forget routine care visits. Prevent this by keeping in contact with your dental care provider, and consider scheduling your next visit following your last one in office.

Plus, you can contact the customer care team online at Russo Dentistry anytime! They’ll provide comprehensive solutions and next steps—as well as a set schedule that works best for you.