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6 Benefits of a Modern Dental Office

A modern approach to dental care is proven to offer clients customized, full-service solutions. But what is modern dentistry, and why does it matter?

Many dental professionals are still thinking of dentistry as a product rather than a service, charging clients for a less-than-thorough approach. Some providers may also serve clients with a lack of transparency or downright misinformation. In any of these cases, the result is the same: an expensive, complex, or painful process down the road for the client.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way, and many dental practices have learned to adopt a more modern approach. At Russo Dentistry<>, we go beyond basic service to provide long-term, comprehensive oral health solutions made to fit you.

Learn more about our commitment to cutting-edge service with these 6 qualities of a modern dental office!


Boutique Service

  • Smaller or more specialized dentistry services are better able to provide a boutique experience. That means one team is dedicated to your needs and can service them without hassle or confusion. Plus, waiting and planning are limited—if not cut out completely!


A Clean, Relaxing Atmosphere

  • Modern dentistry usually means a modern office! These provide stress relief and reassurance before you receive treatment, as well as amenities to keep you comfortable. Aesthetically, a modern office helps you breathe easy in clean, open surroundings.


Customized Treatment

  • A contemporary approach to dentistry is built around lasting, customized solutions. With any treatment, you can be assured of a thorough, start-to-finish service based on your unique needs. Guaranteed.



  • Plus, regardless of your needs, your dentist completes each service with total transparency—so you know what to expect at every step. Modern dental practices help you prepare for visits with cost transparency, too, so you can make a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.


Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Modern cosmetic dentistry also means providing the highest, most efficient products and technology available. This results in quicker, more cost-effective treatments like teeth whitening, gum contouring, and veneers. Higher tech equipment also generally means fewer appointments—so no amount of treatment interrupts your daily life.


A Full Range of Cosmetic and General Dental Services

  • Contemporary dentistry strives to address every dental care need. That’s why modern dentists like those at Russo Dentistry in Raleigh<> are highly trained and certified to identify, address, and correct nearly all possible oral health concerns.


Remember, the easiest way to spot a modern dentist versus an old fashioned one is to look for a full-service, transparent, and totally custom approach to oral health!