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Endodontics FAQ’s: The Truth About Root Canals

“Root canal” might be one of the most feared combination of words in all of dental care, but is it as scary as it sounds? The short answer: no! When performed by a skilled, experienced Endodontist, a root canal can be quick and virtually painless—and save you a lot of pain down the line, too!

Not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked root canal questions to help guide you through a typical experience at a modern dental office like Russo Dentistry. Read on to learn how you and your dentist can work together to achieve the most relaxed, hassle-free, and thorough experience possible. After all, the purpose of endodontics is to prolong your tooth’s health and function for years to come, so it’s best addressed quickly and efficiently for long-term comfort.


  • Who needs a root canal?

A root cavity is simply what it sounds like: a cavity of the tooth’s root. Just like a standard tooth cavity, this is treated with a filling. The difference is that this filling stops the spread of infection at the root of the tooth—ultimately saving it as an alternative to removal. Only your dentist can diagnose and recommend treatment for a root infection, but some warning signs may include tooth sensitivity, spontaneous aching pain, and an odd, lingering taste in the mouth.


  • Does root canal treatment hurt?

Root canal treatments have come a long way thanks to years of endodontic innovation. That means patients receive medical treatment with antibiotics to calm infected areas before treatment begins, reducing sensitivity throughout the process. At Russo Dentistry, root canals are also performed exclusively by a specialized endodontist to ensure a painless procedure, recovery time, and long-term performance.


  • How Does It Work?

When a cavity extends to the nerve of a tooth, its pulp chamber must be completely cleaned out. Then, a root canal filling is placed. At a modern dentistry office, this can be done effectively in just 1-2 visits!


  • How Should I Prepare for a Root Canal?

Confer with your dentist about any symptoms, concerns, and special considerations you may have. Don’t leave anything out! A dental professional is then able to make sure every one of your points is addressed for optimal comfort during and after the procedure. Generally, you should also take care to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy meal for energy, purchase OTC pain medication just in case, and arrange for some recovery time before your appointment.


Think you may need root canal treatment? Call or email Russo Dentistry to speak to our team of experts in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area today!