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Don’t Put it Off! Why It’s Never Worth It to Skip Regular Dentist Visits

Thinking of putting off your next dental checkup? Maybe you’re extra busy, just moved to a new place or changed your information, or simply forgot. You may have even assumed you don’t need to go to the dentist unless you’re experiencing discomfort—or maybe you are experiencing discomfort and are too anxious to find out why!

Whatever your reason, it’s never a good idea to skip out on routine dental appointments. It’s well known that unaddressed small dental problems grow into bigger—and often costlier—ones down the line.

However, at Russo Dentistry Raleigh, we understand how busy schedules, worries, and life changes sometimes get in the way of optimal oral healthcare.

Below are several common excuses for putting off dental visits—including their causes and solutions to combat them. Get started by calling or emailing Russo Dentistry to set your appointment, then keep these solutions in mind to help you keep to a regular checkup schedule no matter what!


  • The Excuse: “I just don’t have the time.”

Of course, it’s true that time is often in short supply in our daily routines. The key here is not to force room in your schedule, but to be organized enough to schedule appointments far enough ahead of time so that you can plan for it. It’s much easier to keep an appointment for 6 months in the future rather than within the next two weeks. Why? Because last-minute surprises or changes are less likely to affect a long-term plan already set-in-stone.

Plus, it’s important to consider how much longer a procedure can take than a standard dental cleaning—so really you’re saving time by going more often!


  • The Excuse: “I’m concerned about the cost.”

Proper dental care does come at a price, but you can’t know the price—or your many options for paying it!—until you’re evaluated by a professional.

A common mistake in this scenario is to google costs associated with dental care. Especially if you’re starting to suspect you need an invasive procedure, it’s easy to delay getting care because your internet search returned a hefty estimate.

Avoid this by not getting ahead of yourself. Going over your concerns with our trusted established dental office Russo Dentistry is the only way to determine the care you need and its associated costs. Remember, putting off dental care now can result in an even costlier procedure later. (Starting to see a pattern here? Good!)


  • The Excuse: “My teeth look and/or feel fine, so I don’t need to go to the dentist.”

This one is the simplest excuse of all to correct—because it’s simply a myth!

Just as with general healthcare, potential problems are best addressed before they become a nuisance. Usually, that means before the onset of symptoms. Many oral health concerns including cavities and periodontal disease aren’t noticeable at first but can quickly become painful if left untreated. Plus, as they progress, you may be faced with the added stress of limited availability as you try to schedule emergency treatment.

In every scenario, you’ll notice that the all-around costs of putting off dental checkups far outweigh that of keeping your regularly scheduled appointments. Remember, your dental professional is on your side and is also the only person who can plan your ideal dental care—regardless of your current and future smile needs. Over time, maintaining regular visits turns out to be the easiest, cheapest, and least time-consuming option for oral health!