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5 Ways to Refresh Your Dental Care Routine

The new year is always an excellent time to set the foundations for lasting change. Specifically, regarding your personal healthcare routine, 2021 may be the ideal setting for major improvement.

This past year, many of us experienced significant daily routine interruptions—sometimes in the form of overly regimented at-home schedules! To keep it all together, we were forced to simply “go through the motions” of our morning and evening dental care routines, or shorten, interrupt, or ignore them altogether.

Now, 2021 presents an opportunity to completely rethink and refresh your approach to oral health.

At Russo Dentistry, we’ve compiled 5 tips to refresh your daily dental care. Use them to shake up your routine—which, in turn, can help you stick to a process long enough to achieve complete, comprehensive dental health at home!


  • Set goals for your health and wellness with Dr. Russo

Use your next appointment to go over your dental options and goals for the year ahead. Our trusted dentist Dr. Russo and team can help you stay on track with your current aesthetic and health goals, as well as provide insight on any potential next steps. Moving forward, you’ll have a better idea of your unique needs and how to address them both in your daily routine and during future visits.


  • Upgrade your toothbrush

You can also ask your dental care professionals for recommendations on new products or services that might suit you. An advanced electric toothbrush, water flosser or flossing technique, or even a teeth whitening consultation with our Zoom Whitening will help you achieve a healthy beautiful smile.


  • Mix it up!

Consider mixing up your routine by adding a fun element! Listen to your favorite 2-minute song to time your brushing, or combine your tooth and gums care time with other forms of self-care like face masks or aromatherapy.


  • Make time for teeth—especially in the morning

Ensure you’re relaxed enough to dedicate the proper amount of time to oral care by completing brushing and flossing at the same time every day. A well-defined overall morning routine allowing for plenty of time to relax means you’ll never have to rush through daily dental care.


  • Stick with it!

Just making the effort to be mindful of your daily oral care needs can help you stay on top of a new routine. Don’t forget to keep your regular dental visits on the calendar, too, which will help you keep track of long-term time. At Russo Dentistry in Raleigh, you can get started via phone or online.

No matter the time of year, it’s never too late to start healthy, daily oral care habits to help both yourself and your dentist stay on track to optimal dental health.