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Top 3 Questions to Ask the Dentist

As with any specialized professional, you should be able to count on your dentist for transparency, expertise, and understanding. If you’re not leaving every visit with a clear understanding of your treatment plan, or if your dentist doesn’t know your smile goals, you’ve got a problem!

Luckily, this is a problem that’s easily solved with open communication. Simply asking for clarity while being honest yourself ensures a smooth process going forward—as well as optimal oral health!

But how do you know what to ask and-perhaps more importantly-how do you know if your dentist is listening?

At Russo Dentistry, we believe dental professionals should provide modern, customized treatment with communication every step of the way. Follow our guide to the top 3 questions to ask the dentist, and the ideal responses you should be getting. In many cases, a good dentist may answer some or all of these before you even have to ask! On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable asking or not getting fully informed answers from your dental care provider, it might be time for a change.

Question 1: “What’s my current condition?”

This is something you probably already have an idea of, but only a dentist can (and should!) give you a complete picture of your oral health. Otherwise, learning you need an invasive procedure down the line can come as an unwelcome surprise—especially when preventive action not taken might have avoided it.

Your dentist should give you an overview of your teeth and gums as well as note every concern or potential concern for the future. Even if your mouth is in perfect health, it’s okay to ask for details or cosmetic dentistry options!

Question 2: “What can I expect in future visits?”

Any issues should not only be addressed, but explained in full. For example, if your dentist notices more pronounced gum recession, he should prepare you for the possibility of multiple next steps as well as what they entail. It’s important that you understand what the full treatment process can look like going forward (without having to google!) even if initial, non-invasive treatment is totally successful or even ends up being unnecessary.

Question 3: “ How can I improve or maintain my dental care at home?”

Just as your professional dental treatment should be customized to fit your needs, your at-home dental routine should match it!

Make sure you know exactly what techniques you should be using along with the kind of equipment that is best for you and your smile before you leave the office. If your dentist only gives you standard, routine feedback, you can reasonably expect only standard, routine results. Explaining your aesthetic and health goals instead will help your dentist identify the best advice for you.

If you’ve asked all these questions and you’re still not sure you’re getting modern, comprehensive dental care, it might be time to find a new dentist. Contact our Raleigh oral health experts or visit our website today to learn what you can expect from personalized care!