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The Case for Tooth-Colored, Composite Fillings

Aesthetically, choosing a tooth-colored filling for cavities or damaged teeth makes sense. This option is perfectly molded, colored, and adhered to your tooth for the most natural look available. For many, this is reason enough! But beyond the look and feel advantages of tooth-colored, composite fillings, there are many reasons to avoid the metal alternative. 

Simply put: metal fillings can be hazardous to your teeth, gums, and overall health–and many people aren’t aware of the risk before opting for them. That’s why Russo Dentistry is a metal-free dental office. As practitioners of modern, progressive dental care, we have the knowledge and technology to operate without metal fillings.

But what are metal tooth fillings, and why should you avoid them?

  1.  Metal fillings contain mercury.  

Above all, metal tooth fillings-also known as amalgam fillings-are potentially hazardous because they may (and often do!) contain mercury. A known body toxin, mercury can cause damage to the kidney, nervous system, and brain in addition to the tooth itself. That’s because small amounts of mercury may be released into your body through chewing with an amalgam filling. 

The use of mercury in dental work also causes a tremendous amount of pollution. In fact, the dental care industry is the second largest user of mercury in the U.S.! At Russo Dentistry, we believe that if something is bad for you and for the environment, it’s clearly an outdated practice. 


  1. Metal fillings can weaken or damage your teeth overtime. 

Our team has removed fillings that have turned blue, green, or purple overtime. That’s because, in addition to mercury, a cheap dental filling may contain all sorts of mystery metals!

Obviously, those fillings will cause damage to the teeth, but even stronger, more expensive metal fillings can cause your teeth to weaken. Metal doesn’t bond to the tooth the same way composite fillings do, which means it may only camouflage the damage of cavities and tooth decay while allowing it to get worse underneath. As you might imagine, this leads to costlier and more painful procedures down the road that would otherwise have been more manageable with tooth-colored fillings. 


  1. Tooth-colored fillings feel more natural, work harder, and are comparably priced.

By now, it’s probably clear that there are plenty of reasons to avoid metal and mercury, but what about the advantages of tooth-colored, composite fillings? In addition to just not being metal, composite fillings provide: 

  • A seamless fit. The combination of safe materials in tooth-colored fillings fuse to each tooth–resulting in a strong bond for years to come. 
  • A natural look. They’re also guaranteed to appear natural, so you can be confident in showing off every part of your smile. 
  • Comparable prices. Modern dental work tends to cost more upfront than cheap alternatives so you can save in the long run. With fillings, that price difference may not be as steep as you think!
  • Performance. The most important part of any kind of tooth repair is its function, and composite fillings work just like a strong, healthy, natural tooth overtime. 


Remember, the last place you want potentially hazardous materials is in your mouth. Learn more about metal-and-mercury-free dentistry when you contact Russo Dentistry in Raleigh-Durham, NC today!