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Quick Ways to Improve Your Smile for Life

Dr. Russo is always saying there are no quick fixes in general dentistry. A quick, cheap filling or root canal procedure almost always leads to additional problems later on—becoming a money and time drain as well as painful to correct. When it comes to minor cosmetic procedures, however, Russo Dentistry offers multiple smile improvement options that can be completed in very little time!

If your smile is in good shape at your 6-month check-up, this is the perfect time to think about small cosmetic improvements that may have a lasting impact on the daily care, look, and feel of your teeth. Whether you want to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” smile, smooth minor bumps and cracks in your tooth’s enamel, or whiten and brighten your teeth, technological advancements enable modern dentists to help you achieve your best smile sooner. 

A minor improvement now can also help you gauge what you want from your cosmetic dentist in the future. At Russo Dentistry, for example, we offer virtual 3-D imaging to help you visualize and “test drive” your new teeth. That way, you can know what to expect after your procedure, and decide from there whether you want to pursue additional improvements. Either way, you’ll be able to control and anticipate what comes next without any guesswork. 

If the daunting process of a long process or lengthy recovery time is what’s stopping you from achieving your best smile, consider these 3 quick ways to improve your smile for life. These treatments can be completed quickly —and with virtually zero recovery time!

  1. Laser Gum Contouring  

This procedure is exactly what it sounds like, meaning your dental professional uses a laser to remove excess gums. In addition to not always looking conventionally smile-friendly, a long gum line can become easily inflamed or irritated—turning into a nuisance over time. Often, excess gums are effectively corrected using a scalpel, but a laser ensures a quicker procedure with only local anesthetic needed. It also ensures you can get back to your daily routine immediately with little to no discomfort!

  1. Cosmetic Enamel Sculpting

If you’re suffering from only minor bumps or chips in your tooth’s enamel, you may be an excellent candidate for enamel sculpting. This process involves reshaping a tooth or teeth to make your smile appear more even. While it can’t completely resize or reshape your teeth the way a porcelain veneer could, it can go a long way toward virtually eliminating stubborn imperfections. 

  1. In-Office Power Bleaching

When you start to notice your teeth becoming stained or tinged yellow, you may want to correct the discoloration without drastically whitening your smile. That’s where in-office power bleaching comes in to give your teeth the appearance of a deep, surface clean. Choose this option for a near-instant brightening effect, then either preserve it with a dedicated toothpaste for tooth staining, or build a brighter white with additional Philips Zoom® whitening treatments. 

And if you do need or decide you want to take the next step in cosmetic dentistry? Russo Dentistry can walk you through options like porcelain veneers or crown lengthening—making those visits relatively quick and easy, too! Contact your #1 cosmetic dentist in Raleigh to learn more.