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Tooth Fillings Care 101

Whether you’ve just had cavities filled or underwent a full root canal procedure, it’s important to understand how your general oral care needs may have changed. After all, teeth restoration involves implementing an additional type of material and, while this is integral in prolonging the life of your tooth, it certainly isn’t just like adding more tooth!

Filling materials and the technology behind them have come a long way. That’s why it’s easy to forget that you’re talking, chewing, and drinking with composite tools. Of course, forgetting is a good thing because it means the procedure was successful and your professionals did an excellent job fusing your tooth! However, no material can exactly replicate a healthy tooth—and any tooth requiring filling is already less than fully healthy.

Russo Dentistry provides lasting, tooth-colored fillings for every level of decay from mild to severe. Maintaining optimal health and bonding post-procedure, though, requires just a few extra care considerations between patient, dentist, and endodontist.

Daily Care

At home, your brushing and flossing routine should remain the same (brush twice a day, floss once!). Rather, it’s your dental habits that you may now want to think twice about.

To avoid putting undue pressure on a tooth filling, be sure to avoid:

  • Alcohol-based mouth rinses,
  • Hard-bristled toothbrushes, and
  • Particularly hard foods.

It’s also important to remember a filling was placed to stave off future damage or decay to an area already exhibiting signs of damage or decay. In the case of root canal therapy, this extended to an infection of the tooth’s root. That means you now need to take steps in your daily lifestyle to prevent the same thing happening again or worsening.

To keep your teeth (and teeth fillings!) properly bonded and sanitized, do the following on the regular basis:

  • Limit acidic food and drink (citrus, coffee, etc.) or rinse with water or alcohol-free mouthwash after consuming them,
  • Avoid clenching your jaw or biting down excessively, and
  • Take your time as you brush and floss, as rushing can cause you to use too much force.


Professional Care

Of course, your standard cavity or root canal cavity filling was placed by a dental professional and therefore needs to be regularly monitored by them. Apart from taking care of your teeth on a regular basis, you and your dentist and endodontist can work together to ensure a lasting, functional composite tooth filling.

To keep your dental care providers in the know and prevent unnecessary costs and pain down the line, start by continuing to see your dentist on a regular, 6-month basis. In the meantime, you should also know the signs of filling failure, which include:

  • New sensitivity to hot or cold foods,
  • A crack or rough ridge on the tooth’s surface, or
  • Sharp pains when eating.

Any of these symptoms should be checked out immediately by a dentist to avoid further damage.

In the case of root canals, a great way to ensure the lasting success of your filling is to receive treatment from a specialized endodontist—like Russo Dentistry’s own in-house endodontist in Raleigh. Unlike other dental professionals, an endodontist can place a permanent filling immediately after treatment, which significantly decreases the chance of bacteria accruing in the time between cleaning and filling. This, in turn, makes the filling more likely to hold up over time!

No matter the scope of your cavity, your filling should be made of composite materials, placed by an experienced, specialized professional, and cared for daily. Contact Russo Dentistry to learn more!