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How a Specialized Endodontist Can Optimize Your Root Canal Therapy

If you know you need a root canal, your first feelings might be fear, dread, or anxiety. From there, your first thought is likely, “how can I get this over with as quickly and easily as possible?”

Depending on where you normally receive oral health treatment, that question may be difficult or impossible to answer before-the-fact. A standard dental practice may be able to perform the deep cleaning procedure, but you’ll have to be referred to an endodontist for a permanent filling before you can put the whole root canal process behind you. Even then, you may have to endure several visits and more pain than is necessary—not to mention another filling soon if too many bacteria built up between cleaning and permanent filling the first time!

Luckily, an easy solution to these “what ifs” is simply receiving treatment from a modern dental practice with an in-house endodontist in the first place. Modern or progressive dentists use state-of-the-art technology and operate with full transparency, while specialized endodontists are root canal experts. That means you can get a full root canal procedure (including the immediate placement of a permanent filling!) with minimal time, discomfort, hassle, and future complications.

Russo Dentistry’s Dr. King is Raleigh’s root canal expert—specializing in optimized root canal treatment for every patient. Together with Dr. Russo, they provide all the benefits of an in-house specialist:


  1. Reduced treatment time and overall hassle. An experienced endodontist can perform root canal therapy in 1-2 short visits. That means less scheduling, less time off, more time to relax and fewer headaches as a result!


  1. Minimal discomfort. Root canal experts understand how to administer the correct amount of anesthesia most effectively during the procedure. Afterwards, they can prescribe medicines and give you tips to stay comfortable.


  1. Immediate restoration. Rather than waiting on a referral from a dentist to go to separate endodontist’s office, an in-house specialist can set a permanent filling right away. This reduces exposure to bacteria and allows for the strongest possible bond.


  1. Long-term results. Though not intended to last forever, a root canal filling placed immediately by a dedicated root canal specialist lasts and functions well for years to come.


  1. Peace of mind. Just knowing your root canal procedure is performed, overseen, and maintained by an endodontist within your dental practice helps achieve peace of mind. If you even have questions or need guidance in the future, your endodontist is nearby and willing to help.


Ready to schedule your root canal therapy with Raleigh’s leading in-house endodontist? Contact Russo Dentistry today!