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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Really Worth It?

For many, the idea of cosmetic dentistry can seem overly expensive, unnecessary, or just plain unattainable. And while that may have been true in the past, technological advances have made cosmetic dentistry more accessible and easier than ever!

At a modern, progressive dental office like Russo Dentistry in Raleigh, there are multiple treatment options for everyone to achieve their best smile. We believe in a fully transparent approach to dental care—based on an individual’s needs and #smilegoals for optimal, lasting results.

Still, there are a lot of misconceptions around cosmetic dentistry. Below are 4 common myths about treatments and their respective facts to help you understand the options available to you at Russo Dentistry—and what each one entails!

  1. Myth: You Can’t Know the Final Result

Thanks to modern imaging technology, you can visualize the final product before you even begin treatment! Plus, with transparency at the heart of what we do, Dr Russo is happy to answer any questions and provide reference material to ensure total understanding.

  1. Myth: Cosmetic Dental Treatments are Very Time-Consuming

Philips Zoom® Whitening  tooth whitening can be completed in as little as one visit while procedures like crowns, bridges, and veneers are fully customized and carried out sooner than you think! Ask your provider about the standard turnaround time for your treatment(s) so you can develop a plan that suits your busy lifestyle from there!

  1. Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry is Too Expensive

While any dental treatment may be costly upfront, the long-term benefits of a healthier, stronger smile often outweigh these initial costs. In fact, A cosmetic treatment now could literally cost less than a more invasive procedure like a cavity filling or root canal later had you not recently been to the dentist!

  1. Myth: You Might Regret It, or It May Look Unnatural

It’s perfectly normal to experience anxiety around cosmetic treatment as you would with any healthcare procedure. The truth is there’s less to be nervous about than ever. Between preemptive imaging, transparent care, technological advancements, and superior materials, you’re much more likely to regret not getting treatment.

At Russo Dentistry, we’re committed to cosmetic dentistry that’s full-service, practical, stunning for years to come, and as pain-free and hassle-free as possible. Don’t let these myths stand in the way of your best smile, and contact us to get started today!