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Eating for Better Gum Health

Keeping your gums healthy is key not only to preserving your oral health, but also your whole body health. Untreated gum disease does more than cause loose or missing teeth – it can increase your risk for a range of chronic health issues, including respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, and even dementia. Even if you’re vigilant about flossing or have added additional gum care, such as a water flosser, into your at-home oral health routine, there’s more that you can do to protect your gums for the long run. Read on to learn more about gum healthy foods to add to your diet!

A balanced diet is good for every part of your body, and your gums are no different. While we recommend following a healthy diet that incorporates all of the essential food groups, these foods may have additional benefits for your gum health.

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for your whole mouth! Snacking on crunchy produce, like carrots and apples, can help clean your teeth between meals and lower the risk of plaque buildup, which is the number one cause of gum disease.
  • Choosing foods that are high in vitamin C, like citrus and berries, can help curb inflammation in those with both early and later stage gum disease. Vitamin B12, on the other hand, may help prevent bleeding gums and stop gingivitis from progressing. You can find naturally occurring vitamin B12 in many animal products.
  • Tea may help reduce the risk of inflammation, as its polyphenols prevent plaque from growing. Since it may stain your teeth, tea lovers might consider choosing a whitening toothpaste.
  • Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like fatty fish and nuts, helps the body reduce inflammation.
  • Of course, foods that are high in calcium – including dairy foods, leafy greens, and beans – are as good for your gums as they are for your teeth! In addition to making your teeth and bones stronger, high calcium intake also reduces the risk of periodontal disease.

Russo Dentistry is proud to be Raleigh’s partner in gum health. As a modern dental practice, our team stays up-to-date on the latest in periodontics. We provide a full range of effective treatments for gingivitis, including a quick and painless antibacterial rinse. If your gum disease has progressed beyond gingivitis, or if your gums need more specialized care, we’ll be happy to connect you with Dr. Thiago Morelli and the team of experts at North Carolina Implants and Periodontics.

Call Russo Dentistry today and get on the path to your healthiest gums ever!