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Why are my gums receding?

Many people with receding gums may have no concerns about them early on. It’s one of those slow and incremental changes that are hard to notice right away. But overtime, the problem is prevalent and cannot be ignored.

So, how can you know whether or not your gums are receding? Your best bet is to partner with a dental provider who proactively manages the total health of your smile. But you don’t have to rely on your dentist alone — there are steps you can take as well. If you are looking for signs of gum recession it can seen in the appearance and sensitivity of your teeth.

Rather than focusing on the look of your gums, look at your teeth.

Your teeth say more than you realize. While your first instinct is probably to evaluate the gums themselves, take a look at your teeth first.

  • If your teeth look longer, it’s likely because your gums are receding, and more of your actual tooth is now in appearance.
  • If your teeth have suddenly become sensitive to cold and hot substances, your gums may have receded, giving new and unwanted exposure your tooth’s root.

A sign of something serious

Receding gums can be a symptom of a greater problem. It’s important that you understand not just the problem, but the root cause of where the problem lies. Here’s a quick look at some of the most common triggers that lead to gum recession:

  • Inflammation: The root of so many dental health problems. Inflammation is most often triggered by bacteria and plaque build up. Overtime, that inflammation can cause a variety of problems, one of which is causing the tissue of gums to breakdown.
  • Blame it on your family! Unfortunately, receding gums can be an inherited trait, making some individuals more prone to thinner gums.
  • Brushing: How you brush matters. If you brush your teeth too hard or too often you can cause damage to the health of your gums.

It’s not fun, but someone has to talk about it

Receding gums is nothing to get excited about — unless you are medical nerd — but we have to talk about it. You deserve to fully understand what’s happening in your mouth and what is triggering it.

Yes, we care about treating dental health problems. But we also care equally about proactively working to prevent those problems by educating you on the best way to care for your oral health. Because your oral health doesn’t just impact your teeth; it impacts your total wellbeing.

Come see us and let’s take care of your teeth in a way that keeps your smile for a lifetime. Ready to scheduled your appointment? Contact us or schedule a virtual consultation. We encourage you to check out our smile gallery!