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5 Ways to Prepare for a Root Canal Procedure

So, you need a root canal. Before you even start to prepare for the procedure, remember to not panic! Root canals are simple, straightforward, and performed with minimal discomfort when carried out by an experienced endodontist. At Russo Dentistry, all our smile experts are well-versed in every type of tooth filling, and our resident endodontist oversees each root canal procedure. 

Still, you might be nervous about your root canal or unsure what to expect. That’s why we created this 5-step solution for a smooth root canal and recovery process to help you get back to everyday life. 

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Step 1: Know What to Expect 

As with anything you’re doing for the first time, it’s important to understand exactly what you’ll be experiencing. Start by reading some Russo Dentistry digital resources, like our blog post on Endodontics FAQs as well as the Endodontics page on our site. Then, review the 3-step procedure process for root canal therapy: 

  1. The endodontist creates an access point in your tooth to reach the root canal chamber. 
  2. They will then thoroughly clean out the pulp chamber and prepare it for filling. 
  3. Your tooth is filled and sealed off to prevent bacteria from reforming in the future. 

Yes, that’s all!

Step 2: Arrange Some Downtime

Ensure you make time for yourself following the procedure. While full bedrest recovery days may not be possible (or necessary!) for you and your schedule, you should plan to lessen your day-to-day demands for about a week. This means rescheduling other appointments, asking for help around the house, taking some time off work, and queuing up your favorite show on Netflix!


Step 3: Be Prepared

Similarly, you’ll want to be prepared with everything you’ll need at home before the procedure—rather than scramble to pick things up after. Shop for over-the-counter pain medication, soft foods, ice, or whatever other soothing supplies you might need. Then, be sure to pick up any antibiotics you’re prescribed before the appointment. 


Step 4: Boost Your Immune System 

In the weeks ahead of a dental procedure, it’s always a good idea to eat healthy and exercise to boost your immune system. Go for leafy greens, lean proteins, whole grains, and legumes to fuel a quick, healthy recovery and make up for potential lost time exercising. 


Step 5: Arrive at Your Appointment Early—Fed, Well-Rested, and Relaxed

Regardless of your appointment time, give yourself plenty of time and space to prepare on the day of and the day before. This will help you feel more relaxed and, in turn, ready to proceed. Then, just let your root canal specialists in Raleigh take it from there!

Still have questions? The Russo Dentistry service team is ready to assist you. Simply call or email us in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area to find out more about our Endodontics services and make an appointment.